Leaving the space, James discovers the hotel flooded and burnt-out and ultimately finds Angela towards a great stairwell enclosed by fire

Angela and you will James talk the past time and, even after James’s pleas, Angela proceeds up the stairs and vanishes through the fire, implying that she intentions to going suicide.

Typing what was due to the fact lobby, James discovers es because she is flanked because of the a few Pyramid Heads. Not wanting to leave regarding his rivals, he transforms and you will symptoms new Pyramid Minds. Which have James now looking to revenge in lieu of abuse, the fresh Pyramid Minds give it up to focus as well as purposely impale themselves on their spears.

James are lead to a hall where in fact the user hears a past talk which he and you will Mary had if you are she is nonetheless alive. Inside discussion, James also provides Mary plants he’s got introduced the lady. Immediately after that it, she knowledge various other mood move and you can begs James so you’re able to forgive their, pleading for your to keep together with her and to make certain the woman you to definitely she’s not attending die.

She quickly denies them, lashing out at your and you may protesting you to definitely this woman is too unpleasant and you will unappealing to get flowers

James finally match a female exactly who resembles Mary before last manager battle. The outcome of this stumble on will depend on the player’s strategies inside the game.

It is not sure what happened in order to James during or following the situations regarding Hushed Slope dos, thus James’s fate was leftover purposely not clear. An interpretation of your own Book regarding Destroyed Memory claims “Of one’s four results, there is absolutely no one to correct translation. For every single stop ways an alternative opportunity.” [7] Mcdougal away from Hushed Slope dos, Hiroyuki Owaku, has never generated an official declaration away from a cannon ending.

To own a third time, parece in the end understands just what Pyramid Head and you may parece themselves, composed unconsciously so you can punish him to possess his sins

  • During the Quiet Slope step 3, which also has plenty out of Silent Hill 2 records, Douglas Cartland states he was working in a lacking person’s circumstances where men ran forgotten in Silent Mountain and you may is never ever discover, and is also possible that Douglas try speaking about James even though he gone away together with partner.
  • Quiet Mountain 4: The space indicated that James and you may Mary “gone away during the Silent Mountain”, meaning he’s canonically vanished.
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming had a promotional journal toward their website compiled by Alex Shepherd and then he produces, “Ever since then, no one has actually viewed otherwise heard everything from James Sunderland. Oh yes, and his awesome wife’s identity try Mary Shepherd-Sunderland. Is actually she about myself?” Given that Homecoming is set within the later 2007, it supporting James might have been lost around that it day.
  • In the water ‘s the basic end listed in the publication out of Lost Memory.
  • Brand new PussySaga novelization spends new Within the water conclude. Although not, it must be detailed it was authored by Sadamu Yamashita, which seem to failed to work at the fresh new games and you will used the A good+ ending into the earliest game’s novelization. [8] and you may Child Cihi each other like “In water” as their private cannon finish, whether or not Ito and said “I do believe there are plenty of real finish per member/pro.” Cihi prefers the brand new “Leave” finish. [9][10][11][12][13][14][15] Cihi initial believe the latest Get-off stop getting his own canon as it are an educated outcome having James and sensed James will probably be worth a happy stop just after their guilt and you will distress, but sooner changed to Within the water as the guy considered it actually was even more bittersweet and you may complement the fresh tragic build of tale ideal. [16]
  • Masahiro Ito made Pyramid Direct with in Drinking water in your mind. [17]
  • The fresh new coverage of one’s instruction manual and you can introduction clips of Quiet Slope dos shows James holding Mary’s corpse, which merely takes place in the fresh In the water end.